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    Hello, Commetia! I don't really understand, you replied to the comment of User AsH2o104 on page New Zealand, telling them that they didn't follow the rules (I guess), but what rule did they exactly broke? — Феоктиста (обсуждение) 18:38, 22 марта 2023 (MSK)

    Well, when I looked at what they said, (using a translator) it read, (New Zealand) "Why doesn’t she get traditional Maori tattoos (indigenous people)? Damn, that would make her so special. Cool detail would be" and on Russia, "With the helicopter fucked, it was invented by a dude from Ross. Empire (today’s Ukraine), but he did it in the United States, so don’t bother me here, fix it" Those are the exact words. And yes, I was trying to warn them... Commetiaa (обсуждение) 01:33, 23 марта 2023 (MSK)

    I already gave them a warning for the second comment. And there is no problem with the first comment, because there are no swear words or something like that. So maybe you could delete your reply to the first comment, since they didn’t break the rules? — Феоктиста (обсуждение) 13:36, 23 марта 2023 (MSK)

    Okay, I've deleted it. I might delete this topic, so that other people (if they come a long) don't think that the Staff aren't obeying the rules. Commetiaa (обсуждение) 15:34, 23 марта 2023 (MSK)

    Hey, why did you de-admin me? Just wandering. Commetiaa (обсуждение) 01:42, 24 марта 2023 (MSK)

    I am sorry that I didn’t explain you right away, I totally forgot about that. I think wiki will develop faster if the administrators and moderators will speak Russian fluently, because working on wiki with a foreign language which you don’t know is hard and not effective. But I do not refuse to cooperate with you and wikis on which you are bureaucrat. No offence, I hope you can understand me. And yeah, I fine with deleting this topic, if you want you can do it. — Феоктиста (обсуждение) 18:54, 24 марта 2023 (MSK)

    Links to other wikis

    May I ask you, why did you delete the link to English CH wiki from page about Kingdom of Yugoslavia? Was there something wrong? I just don't understand — Феоктиста (обсуждение) 20:14, 3 февраля 2023 (MSK)

    Well, I think that we should not supply links that the page isn't there. Also, there is a rule that you are not allowed to make pages without a Bureaucrat's permission. I think that people shouldn't get in trouble for things they do not know about. (In case they don't know)《!Commetian_Empire!》 (обсуждение) 20:30, 3 февраля 2023 (MSK)

    Any user is supposed to read the rules before editing any pages, ignorance is no excuse. And I don't think there are many russian speaking people who will start creating pages on the english CH wiki (if there are any). The page on english CH wiki can be created anytime, and monitoring it to add links is going to be too much for me. Also, for all 5 years of the existence of the CH wikis, links to non-existent pages have always been added. It have never bothered anyone. I see no reason to change anything. And please, don't edit the articles, since you don't speak russian, just add pictures. Thanks — Феоктиста (обсуждение) 15:16, 6 февраля 2023 (MSK)

    Oh, okay. Sorry. (But I do want to learn!)《Commetian_Empire》 (обсуждение) 02:35, 7 февраля 2023 (MSK)

    The deletion of the file

    Hello, Commetia! I am sorry, I had to delete the file which you downloaded for the infobox, because it has LGBTQ+ flags, and recently Russia's parliament approved a bill that widens a prohibition of "LGBT propaganda" and restricts the "demonstration" of LGBT behaviour, so this wiki can't have any images with LGBT flags. I am really sorry!

    --Феоктиста (обсуждение) 18:38, 25 ноября 2022 (MSK) That's alright. I didn't know. 《Commetia》 (обсуждение) 00:51, 26 ноября 2022 (MSK)

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