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    Note: Some of the sections are just notes and stuff I need to work on later.


    Описание (Description)

    Kansas is always seen as female.

    Появление (Appearance)

    She is most known to be wearing long sundresses and farmers. She can be seen wearing torn KKK armbands and sometimes holding a buffalo's skull. She can be seen wearing a long purse holding flowers and "The House on the Prairie"

    Личность (Personality)

    She is always kind and tries to never get into fights. She is nervous and tries to keep to herself because of the event of Bloody Kansas.

    История (History)

    Bloody Kansas and Civil War

    When Kansas became a state since there was an agreement with the [[Конфедеративные Штаты Америки |Confederate States of America]], for every Union state confirmed, there would be a Confederate state to equal it out. (and vice-versa) Since Kansas wasn't going to split into two different states, they had to choose if they wanted to become a Confederate or Union State. After the war called Bloody Kansas, Kansas finally decided; they become a Union State, which is a free state.

    KKK conflists

    The Ku Klux Klan was a racial organization against Roman Catholics, Jews, immigrants, and most of all; African-Americans. (It was lead by a prodesent, very ironic.)
    It was made to "keep America pure" and they would burn churches down, pillage towns, and hang and beat up innocent blacks.

    A Cross Burning session in Kansas. Picture from the early 1920's

    Important Lawsuits in Kansas

    These are some of the most important Court Cases that took place in Kansas.

    Brown vs. Board of Education

    Pretty sure this was the little black girl who went to a white-only school.

    Rode vs. Wade



    Just some dumb stuff I want to put on.

    Чем известен (Known For)

    Kansas has plenty of things that it is known for. Here are only a few of them:

    • Their wheat/bread production
    • Kansas City BBQ
    • Kansas (The band)
    • Being the (thought to be, Florida is actually) flattest state
    • Tornados
    • Setting of the Film and book "The Wizard of OZ"
    • Having the "Barbed Wire Museum" (Yes, that is a real museum)
    • Being in the exact center of the United States
    • Sharing the home of the Kansas City Chiefs (three-time Super Bowl winner)
    • Sharing Kansas City with Missouri
    • White Castle and Pizza Hut
    • The birthplace of the YouTuber with the second most Subsribers, MrBeast
    • The Hutchinson Cosmos-sphere СССР of manys!

    Towns and Cities

    Name of town first and county in parentheses

    Towns and Cities

    • Minneapolis (Ottawa)- Minneapolis is most known for many things, even though it is a small town. It was a World War I town, built in the mid-1800s. In the restaurant and gathering place, The Farm and Odd Fellows, there was a time capsule found from 1917. It was intended to be opened in 2017 but was only found in mid-2023. It will be displayed in the Ottawa County Museum (also in Minneapolis) It hosts the Annual events of Rock the Park (Music Festival), Ottawa Country Fair, and Art in the Park.
    • Hutchinson- (I don't really know much about it.....)
    • Abilene - Abilene is where former President, Dwight D. Eisenhower was born and raised. It holds the World's Largest belt buckle at its fairgrounds. It has the Presidential Library, Eisenhower Museum, and Eisenhower Meditation Sanctuary.

    Языки: English

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